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Our newest Tchaikovsky Video from the première ist online.


YouTube Tchaikovsky

The timeless classic infused with modern harmonies and rhythm, Classic Fusion at its best!

Welcome to the QSQ website in 2019, the year of the SAXOPHONE.

The sheer beauty of the Classics intermingle with the vibrancy of Jazz to produce a single entity without stylistic restrictions. Their interaction is so intimate,  the listener can feel that there are indeed five friends communicating deeply with each other. Each concert is a celebration in which the audience can laugh and rejoice. The witty presentation, choreographic contributions and intelligently humorous arrangements make the ingredients for a new approach to the enjoyment of classical music.

Welcome, dear fans from China,
we will be visiting your country in May next year.
Hope to see you at one of our concerts!




For booking inquires in China and Taiwan, please contact:

Li Artists Management
Angela CHANG

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